A Canonical Form for Real Matrices under Orthogonal by Marnaghan F. D., Wintner A.

By Marnaghan F. D., Wintner A.

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We have chosen the threshold values w l , w2, w3 independently of the image, in order to apply the method to several different images. 29 Intensity difference20 15 10 5 0 60 40 20 0 30 20 Homogeneoussubdomains 10 0 5 10 15 20 25 j index Figure 2. Plots of the difference between the mean and the median values at increasing j - index in Cj” (top), C j (middle), C s (bottom) Figure 3. KNIGHT image in Kokaram CD: domain segmentation of the scratch vertical region. In the column on the right side the results of the recognition method are shown (1 = homogeneous, 2 = not-homogeneous domain) Hence we have defined a domain Dj to be non homogeneous if a t least one of the following tests is verified: 30 The thresholds have been calibrated on a large class of test images, with 256 Grey-levels representation, from old movie (Kokaram [6] CD) and also from MATLAB images data bank.

4) where any Rk = rk r; r i is given by three components. Vice versa, given the decomposition Eq. 4) it is possible to reconstruct the original function f with an inverse procedure. 35 6) When the bases are not orthogonal a new-pair - (Cp, of a refinable and a wavelet function, which generates a MRA { y, W j } ,is considered, in order to compute the generalized Fourier expansion of a given function [5]. The pairs (cp,$) and (Cp,q)are dual or biorthogonal, in the sense that - < cpj,n,-Cpj~,n~ >= 6j,jjdn3nj < v j , n ,$jl,nl >= 0 < $j,n, $j/,nl >= 6j,jt6n,nt, < $j,n, Cpjt,nf>= 0.

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