A Compendious Grammar Of The Egyptian Language: As Contained by Henry Tattam

By Henry Tattam

This e-book is a facsimile reprint and will comprise imperfections comparable to marks, notations, marginalia and incorrect pages.

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Doors, ppo, following Fgooy, is formed not the shore. Kpo, quite ppeooy. po. The an ox. oxen. EiO), an ass. ElflDOyE, oyE, harbours. night. kings. regularly: FgE. 20. Sahidic Plurals which end in KOoyF, Kpcuoy, kingdoms, otJiers. EO). pMFloyE, a doctrine. ass. oyNoy, an oyo^OOyE, tears. an FOOyE, hour. nights. piMF,, CBOoyF, KE, another. asses. oyNooyF, hours. oycpH, pMFlH, Keeping. pHElOoyE, poMTTE. a year. doctrines, oyE. EMpO). a harhour. FHpo- asses. pRnooyE, cnip, a side. years. CBO), cntpOoyE, Chap.

Those also feminine, but those are for the most part Of Nouns. Chap. IV. There are some masculine nouns which become 4. feminine by adding them to i muric, and F in the Sahidic a servant, law. ; the Coptic and Bash- in as BCDK, a servant, m. Copt. CON, a brother ; CCDNI, a f. u)OM, a father in 15 in law. O)0)Ml. tt)(|)Hp, a friend, ; sister, BCDKI. Copt. Copt. o)0)MF. Sah. a mother m. O)<|)npl, a friend, L Copt. a friend, m. a friend, f. Sah. 6~AMAyA, (yBFFp, o^BFFpF, a camel, m. (fAMAyAp, a camel, f.

OyJohn 26 V, Of Adjectives. Chap. V. It 9. also is positive, as MM expressed by adding r, FKNAAK TTTOK or N to the FTTNIODT IAKCOB, art thou greater than our father Jacob? John IV, 12. Sah. oyNotf John XIX, greater than our heart. John NNOBF, greater III, 20. Fpoq, are we stronger than he? Sometimes there 4. parative, and it the passage; as is RNOO" FTTFNgHT, 11. Sah. sin. 1. Sah. MH FNXOOp Cor. X, 22. Sah. no word to express the com- can only he collected from the sense of NIM rap TTF rriNuyf-.

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