A Dictionary of Chinese Characters: Accessed by Phonetics by Stewart Paton

By Stewart Paton

Through arranging often used characters lower than the phonetic aspect they've got in universal, instead of purely below their radical, the dictionary encourages the scholar to hyperlink characters in accordance with their phonetic. It is helping to mend within the reminiscence the hyperlink among a personality and its sound and that means.

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221 gài 222 223 a lid; to cover. The S form is yáng sheep, No. 805, radical 123; plus radical 108. : yì benefit; profit, No. 827. gài aproximate. Basic: jì already; since, No. 317. gAn to do; dry. S form is radical 51. gàn trunk of a tree. : qiAn thousand, No. : S form for yú in; at, No. : zFo, early, No. 873; + 72 and 86: hàn to weld; solder; + 27 and 46: àn bank; shore. ; The letter G: Nos 224–229 224 225 40 gAn sweet. Radical 99. + 135: tián sweet. gFn bold; to dare. This character forms the phonetic for the T form of yán No.

With vim; facing towards. Basic: zhDng centre, No. 910; The T form is xíng to go, radical 144, No. 774, plus: chóng repeat, No. 104, placed in the centre. For other examples of the use of radical 144 see No. 341 for 102 103 chDng sufficient. + 120: tIng system; to unite. chóng insect. S form is radical 142. + cán silkworm, : for 104 105 jiB street. tiAn heaven, see No. 681. + 148: chù to touch, No. 111; + 94: dú only; alone; + 140: jiFn cocoon; + 184: shí to lose; corrode. chóng zhòng repeat; again.

JiAn double, No. : dì younger brother, No. 153. + 84: fú fluorine; + 154: fèi fee; cost, No. 198. fIu to deny; whether. for bù not, see No. 56; for see No. 396. fE husband. + 64: fú to support with the hand. fú to bend over. ) This character is radical 9, plus one form of radical 94: kIu the mouth, quFn dog. 37 The letter F: Nos 211–216 + 94 and 149: D. No. : yDu excellent, for yóu outstanding, see No. 842. fú fù clothes. a dose. : S form for bào to report, No. 27, T form: fú to float. + 213 yù prison; luFn egg: fE to hatch; brood; + 5: rJ the breast; milk.

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