A Handbook to Literary Research by Simon Eliot, W. R. Owens (editors)

By Simon Eliot, W. R. Owens (editors)

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D) the technical development of printing machinery; the change from wood to metal construction; the change from human-powered to steam-powered presses. (Greetham, pp. ) (e) the development of the techniques of gathering, folding and sewing of the printed sheets. (Greetham, pp. ) (f) the development of the different techniques of book illustration. 136–8, 147–51; Gaskell, pp. ) (g) the evolution of different binding techniques and styles; the emergence of the publisher’s standard casing in the nineteenth century.

One of the great strengths of the Internet is that there are many ways of getting to the same information. Sites are linked in a multitude of ways so, if you miss one link, you are likely to find a score of alternative ways of getting through to the information you want. For instance, the British Library has a splendid exhibition concerning the manuscript of the Old English poem Beowulf. You can get to this, of course, by going to the BL’s home page (called ‘Portico’), but you can also find a link to it in various lists of museums, in lists of electronic texts, and on home pages dealing with resources for medievalists on the Web.

This is an index of all university libraries in the UK and it is maintained by The Open University’s library. For each library on this index, you will be able to find useful details—including how easy it is to get access to it, and what sort of fee will be charged for such access. If you 1 identify the university libraries you could travel to reasonably easily and frequently, 2 use the Internet to search their catalogues to see if they have the sort of book stock you need, 3 check likely costs against The Open University’s library index, then you should be able to make a sensible choice of research library from the comfort of your own home.

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