A Sketch of the Phonology and Grammar of Rajbanshi by Wilde, Christopher P.

By Wilde, Christopher P.

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According to the first premise, evidence for the structures of the language have, as far as possible, been drawn from narrative material. A reasonable corpus of elicitational material was also collected (elicitation was, for example, used extensively in determining the language's verbal morphology). Whenever this kind of material is used it is, if at all possible, crosschecked against text material, since grammatical judgements, even from the best of informants, proved to be at times inconsistent.

B. Potential falling dipthongs or CV-sequences /iu, ie, iæ, iʌ, uæ, uʌ, ui/ c. Potential rising dipthongs or VC-sequences /eu, iu, æu, ʌu, ei, æi, ʌi, ui/ d. Non-occuring vowel sequences /ii, ee, oo, uu, ʌʌ, io, eæ, eo, oæ, oʌ, ou, oi, ue, uo, ʌo/ I find a diphthong / CV-analysis for most of the vowel sequences in (2b) to be unwarranted. 5 Moreover, a CV-analysis of the absolutive in (3c) would lead to an erroneous analysis of the (default) absolutive in (3d; cf. 4 for discussion on phonotactics).

VS 2057), Toulmin D. (2002), Gautam (2005) and Rājbanshi P. (VS 2064a,b). Important sources for information on Indo-Aryan grammar and structure have been Jha (1958) and Yadav ([1997] 1996) on Maithili, Kellogg (1955 [1875]) and Tikkanen (1991) on Hindi, Kakati (1962) on Assamese, Tiwari (1960) and Shukla (1981) on Bhojpuri, and Masica (1991) on Indo-Aryan in general. References to Bengali are from Chatterji (1926a,b), Klaiman (1987) and Masica (1991). 2. 1 Introduction In this section I will describe the phonemic elements of three of the Rājbanshi dialects spoken in the Jhāpā district (Korobāri, Lakhanpur and Ghailāḍubbā-Lakharigaddi).

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