ADULTERY by Louise DeSalvo

By Louise DeSalvo

Louise DeSalvo dangers all, within the corporation of Edith Wharton, Virginia Woolf, Henry Miller, and Madam Recamier. via filtering the tale of her personal husband's affair via other's tales, she revels within the regularly interesting myth and tells from the customarily painful fact of adultery. The conclusions she attracts, and the stability she unearths in her marriage and in others, make ADULTERY a enjoyable, poignant, and compassionate e-book.

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73/6 subject : Adultery, Adultery in literature. Org Beacon Press books are published under the auspices of the Unitarian Universalist Association of Congregations. , 1942 Adultery / Louise DeSalvo.  cm.  Title. 73'6dc21 99-14814 Page iii For Geri Thoma, with thanks Page 1 One Page 3 Unless you consciously (or unconsciously) want to jet-propel yourself into committing adultery, reading about it isn't such a good idea. Because reading about it, I can assure you, will almost certainly result in your thinking about doing it, and perhaps even in your doing it.

Why she refuses to go to college? ) (She has had one torrid affair that was soon over when she was in her mid-thirties and her son was four years old. Though she thought of ending her marriage, she didn't, and she never told her husband about her experience. The affair only lasted a few months, though her friendship with the man lasted much longer, but during those months, her behavior was erratic and unpredictable. Afterward, she suffered a deep depression for which she sought counseling. Now her son is in his mid-thirties, and he has confessed to his mother that he is having a torrid affair and that he is thinking of leaving his wife and their four-year-old child.

I think it's important that their lives aren't destroyed, and that they survive, even flourish. " Would you like to talk to the woman I talked to in Iowa? Maybe it was the same woman that Waller talked to in writing The Bridges of Madison County. '' Well, it depends on what you call moral. " Yes, certainly. " Times, it seems, haven't changed. Then there is the retaliatory adultery story. As in Nora Ephron's Heartburn (which attacks her ex-husband). As in Flaubert's Madame Bovary (which attacks his lover Louise Colet, among others, as Colet's biographer Francine du Plessix Gray points out).

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