African-American Culture by Darice Bailer

By Darice Bailer

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This was the first time an African-American woman won this award. It was also the first year African Americans had won both awards for leading roles. Today African Americans contribute at all levels of making films and television shows, and to all other forms of cultural expression. FURTHER EVIDENCE Chapter Five discusses African Americans in film and television. What is one of the chapter’s main points? What evidence is there in this chapter to support that point? Go to the website below to learn more about the history of African Americans in film.

Instead of one musician playing a guitar, a whole band played. And the music was faster and more upbeat than blues had been. 28 Louis Armstrong was born in New Orleans in 1901. Armstrong started out playing jazz for white people on a Mississippi River boat. They loved his music. During the 1960s, an African American named John Coltrane was known as the angry jazz man. While other African Americans protested their unfair treatment with words, Coltrane rebelled through his music. In this way, music captured the experiences of African Americans.

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