Algebra for College Students (5th Edition) (MathXL Tutorials by Margaret L. Lial

By Margaret L. Lial

The Lial sequence has helped hundreds of thousands of scholars reach developmental arithmetic via its pleasant writing variety, a number of practical examples, vast challenge units, and whole supplementations package deal. according to its confirmed music checklist, this revision encompasses a new open layout, extra workouts and purposes, and extra positive factors to assist either scholars and teachers prevail.

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01 1% ෇ 100 Solving a Percent Problem Let a represent a partial amount of b, the base, or whole amount. Then the following formula can be used to solve a percent problem. a amount ‫ ؍ ؍‬percent ͧrepresented as a decimalͨ base b For example, if a class consists of 50 students and 32 are males, then the percent of males in the class is a amount ෇ base b 32 ෇ Let a ෇ 32, b ෇ 50. 64 or 64%. EXAMPLE 5 Solving Percent Problems (a) A 50-L mixture of acid and water contains 10 L of acid. What is the percent of acid in the mixture?

What is the smallest power of 10 that will accomplish this goal? 33. Suppose that in solving the equation 1 1 1 x ϩ x ෇ x, 3 2 6 you begin by multiplying each side by 12, rather than the least common denominator, 6. Would you get the correct solution anyway? Explain. 34. What is the final line in the check for the solution of the equation in Example 4? Solve each equation. See Examples 3 and 4. 35. Ϫ 5 k෇2 9 36. 3 z ෇ Ϫ5 11 37. 6 x ෇ Ϫ1 5 38. Ϫ 7 r෇6 8 39. m m ϩ ෇5 2 3 40. x x Ϫ ෇1 5 4 41. x Ϫ 10 2 x ϩ ෇Ϫ 5 5 3 42.

Copyright © 2004 Pearson Education, Inc. 2 Formulas 63 2. (a) Get the terms involving x on the left side of the first equation by subtracting 5x from each side. (b) Get the terms involving t on the left side of the second equation by subtracting bt from each side. 3. (a) Combine like terms on the left side of the first equation. What property allows us to write 3x Ϫ 5x as ͑3 Ϫ 5͒x ෇ Ϫ2x? (b) Write the expression on the left side of the second equation so that t is a factor. What property allows us to do this?

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