An Elementary Study of Islam by Hadhrat Mirza Tahir Ahmad

By Hadhrat Mirza Tahir Ahmad

An hassle-free learn of Islam

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He shows how religious teachings evolved through the ages culminating in the complete, perfect and universal teachings of Islam. The author further argues that it is this universal nature of Islam which renders it the religion capable of uniting people from all the nations of the world under one banner of Peace and Submission. Copyright An Elementary Study of Islam by Mirza Tahir Ahmad Copyright by Islam International Publications Ltd. First published in English 1985 Reprinted 1997, 2003 Present edition 2010 Published by Islam International Publications Ltd.

We briefly mentioned some differences which were intentionally designed as against those which resulted from the interpolation of man. To illustrate the former, we can refer to a teaching of the Torah which seems to deprive the Jewish people of the option of forgiveness. To a casual observer, from the vantage point of the modern age, it would appear to be a rather ungodly teaching, unbalanced in the favour of vengeance. Yet a closer examination of the requirements of that age would present the teaching in a completely different light.

Thus in its negative connotation, it helps the worshipper by liberating him from sins of all types. In its positive connotation it educates man, refines his character and cultivates his qualities to such sublimity as to make him worthy of communion with God. Another area which is highly important in this regard is the role that worship plays in developing one's soul. According to Islam, each human soul in relation to the carnal human body can be likened unto a child in the uterus of the mother.

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