An Introduction to Indian Philosophy: Perspectives on by Bina Gupta

By Bina Gupta

An advent to Indian Philosophy bargains a profound but available survey of the advance of India’s philosophical culture. starting with the formation of Brahmanical, Jaina, Materialist, and Buddhist traditions, Bina Gupta publications the reader during the classical faculties of Indian concept, culminating in a glance at how those traditions tell Indian philosophy and society nowa days. delivering translations from resource texts and transparent causes of philosophical phrases, this article presents a rigorous review of Indian philosophical contributions to epistemology, metaphysics, philosophy of language, and ethics. this can be a must-read for a person looking a competent and illuminating advent to Indian philosophy.

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His Humanism, borrowing from the more questionable elements in the Pragmatism of William James, centered around a theory of knowledge in which the personal, 24 THE PHILOSOPHY OF HUMANISM subjective human factor was paramount and in which objective truth tended to melt away in the haze of moral and religious wish-fulfillment. Schiller also made unacceptable compromises with supernaturalism. At the same time he was one of the few modern philosophers of note who used the word Humanism to denote a whole system of philosophy and who saw the great possibilities of this term.

Other professional philosophers who are in essence Humanists include Professors Van Meter Ames of the University of Cincinnati; Barrows Dunham, formerly of Temple University; Abraham Edel of the University of Pennsylvania; Sidney Hook of the Hoover Institution; Horace M. Kallen of the New School for Social Research; Max C. Otto of the University of Wisconsin; Roy Wood Sellars of the University of Michigan; Gardner Williams of the University THE MEANING OF HUMANISM 25 of Toledo; and Joseph L. Blau, Irwin Edman, Charles Frankel, Ernest Nagel, John H.

THE PHILOSOPHY OF HUMANISM BACKGROUND AND AFFILIATIONS OF THE HUMANIST PHILOSOPHY The Philosophy of Naturalism Ethical Contributions from various religions and philosophies The Freethought, Rationalist, and Ethical Culture movements The Philosophy of Materialism The Sciences Democracy and Scientific and Method Civil Liberties Renaissance Humanism Literature and the Arts CONTEMPORARY HUMANISM CHAPTER I The Meaning of Humanism 1. THE IMPORTANCE OF PHILOSOPHY Since the earliest days of philosophic reflection in ancient times in both East and West thinkers of depth and acumen have advanced the simple proposition that the chief end of human life is to work for the happiness of humans upon this earth and within the confines of the Nature that is our home.

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