Ancient Kingdoms: Mesopotamia (Sword & Sorcery) by Morten Braten

By Morten Braten

A urban of unspeakable antiquity, buried for hundreds of years underneath the desolate tract sands, has been rediscovered deep within the accursed desolate tract referred to as the purple Waste. Dare you input the town That Worshipped one thousand Gods, looking the treasures and relics of its Hierophants? pay attention the lurking terrors of a bygone age!

Ancient Kingdoms: Mesopotamia is a giant sourcebook with a number of new sessions, deities, monsters and magic goods, together with a chain of brief adventures. discover old ruins, temples and dungeons of the misplaced urban of Ibnath, and the perilous desolate tract parts that encompass it. The Ziggurat of the Ghoul-Queen awaits!

New spells, new sessions and new environmental demanding situations! tremendous areas to discover and epic quests to accomplish. damage the Cult of the Pit malicious program Yhath! The definitive d20 sourcebook for Mesopotamia, the land of the Elamites, Assyrians and Akkadians. elevated wilderness principles and resource fabric make this a distinct providing to your gaming desk. 10 similar brief adventures make this a unmarried resource for event within the lands of Babylon and Ur. Dozens of recent monsters, spells, magic goods and personality periods, all came upon nowhere else.

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In that case, the souls remain on earth as ekimmu ghosts. Magic Items Magic Items from the DMG Many of the standard magic items from the DMG can simply be renamed or slightly altered in appearance to suit a Mesopotamian setting. For example, boots of speed become sandals of speed, while the horn of Valhalla becomes the horn of the Guti, and so on. The names of Sumerian gods can also be used to give campaign flavor to the standard items. Amulet of Curse Ward This amulet is carved in the likeness of the god Ea.

21 CHAPTER TWO: CHARACTERS the book for his own plot devices). The following powers are known: The third tablet allows the user to invoke an earthquake spell at 20th level of ability, once per week. The fifth and sixth tablets contain the spells lifeleech and sleep of power (new spells described below) which may be learned by wizards as if the tablets were a spellbook. The ninth tablet contains various summoning spells and descriptions of elder demons, while the twelfth tablet, known as the Tablet of Unbinding, allows the user to cast greater dispelling and break enchantment, both once per day at 20th level of ability.

For a nonliving object, it must be an integral part of its substance (for example a sliver from a timber of a building, not from a piece of furniture inside it). This material component is consumed in the casting of the spell, as normal. Preparing a sympathetic spell requires the normal amount of time, but casting it requires 100 times the usual casting time (with casting times of 1 standard action being treated as 1 round). So casting bestow curse (casting time of 1 standard action) as a sympathetic spell requires 100 rounds, or about 6 minutes.

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