Applications of MöSsbauer Spectroscopy by Richard L. Cohen (Eds.)

By Richard L. Cohen (Eds.)

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400 500 400 500 400 500 H(kG) 44 (/) z 3 O CJ 42 Y (b) 18 17 > (c) 8 4 (Γ 4 8 VELOCITY (mm/sec) Fig. 16. 2 K in fields of (a) 0 G, (b) 10 kG, and (c) 50 kG applied parallel to the gamma ray direction. The insensitivity of the relative areas of lines 2 and 5 on the value of the field is explained by a statistical distribution of the spin directions (sperimagnetism). The insets show the hyperfine field distributions (Coey and Readman, 1973b). , 1977). , 1979). This result also suggests that the spin orientation is influenced by the surface effects.

1977). Superparamagnetic behavior has been found both in the FeOOH and a-Fe 2 0 3 formed on thermal decomposition. Johnson and Glasby (1969) observed superparamagnetic behavior in iron-manganese nodules from the Indian Ocean. 2 K the hyperfine splitting was consistent with that expected for a mixture of a — and γ — FeOOH. From the temperature dependence of the spectra they esti­ mated a mean particle size of 9 nm. Helgason et al. (1976) observed superparamagnetic particles in a lava sample from Iceland.

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