Areas and logarithms by A. I Markushevich

By A. I Markushevich

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You don’t need to become an expert, but having a rough idea about where the major structures in your body are located and how they work goes a long way towards making sense of medical symptoms. And don’t worry, you’re safe to read on – I haven’t included any gory pictures or overly detailed descriptions here! Chapter 1: Understanding Your Health Problems Getting around with cells At the root of everything are the tiny cells that make up your body. You can’t see cells because they’re very, very small – smaller than the sharp end of a pin.

Urinary symptoms: Such symptoms are common in urinary tract disorders and include passing urine frequently, painful urination, and blood in your urine. The most common problem affecting the urinary system is bladder infection (or cystitis). You can read more about urinary problems in Chapter 12 and problems with women’s and men’s sexual functions in Chapters 18 and 19, respectively. Chapter 2 Conducting a Symptom Check In This Chapter ▶ Establishing the story of your health problem ▶ Considering timing ▶ Narrowing down your problem ▶ Looking out for additional clues ▶ Thinking about other relevant issues D eveloping a medical symptom is very much like a story: it contains a beginning, a middle and an end.

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