Assault from the sea : the amphibious landing at Inchon by Curtis A. Utz

By Curtis A. Utz

1st version, 1st printing, 1994. flippantly used reproduction in first-class .

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Meanwhile, ROK navy small boats raided enemy positions along the west coast. Disinformation was also part of the deception effort. On a Pusan dock, Marine officers briefed their men about the landing beaches at Kunsan despite the numerous Koreans within earshot. As the actual landing date came closer, activity near Kunsan increased. In addition to the regular FEAF attacks, on 11 September B-29 bombers struck Kunsan’s military installations. During the night of 12-13 September, 21 Navy Art Collection “Scratch One,” by Navy combat artist Herbert Hahn, depicts carrier planes dropping bridge spans in the campaign to deny enemy front-line units supplies and reinforcements.

One man was missing and another 21 had been killed in action. As 15 September ended, it was clear to all that the landing had succeeded. The joint task force had sustained relatively few casualties and lost only two planes (whose pilots were recovered). ” military, political and psychological importance was paramount. Critical to this effort was the fleet’s ability to keep pumping reinforcements, transportation resources, ammunition, fuel and supplies into the ever- expanding beachhead. By the time the LSTs backed off Red Beach with the rising tide on the 16th, the men of Naval Beach Group 1 and the Marine Shore Party Battalion had unloaded 4,000 tons of sup- (continued on p.

No doubt thanks to the UN deception operations, Communist commanders were fixated on Kunsan until too late. The enemy reinforcements would not be able to reach the battle area by the evening of the 15th, when the Navy-Marine assault forces would hit Red and Blue beaches. The NKPA garrison at Inchon, composed of the 226th Marine and 918th Coastal Artillery Regiments, was a motley force that included some South Koreans forced into service. The 226th had been further weakened when headquarters earlier sent a large detachment toward Yonghung Do to knock out Clark’s guerrillas.

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