Banewreaker by Jacqueline Carey

By Jacqueline Carey

Following the successful luck of her Kushiel sequence (Kushiel's Dart, Kushiel's Chosen, Kushiel's Avatar), Jacqueline Carey now turns her hand to a different startling myth, an epic story of gods waging warfare of their bid to regulate a whole universe and the mortals they use as chess items in a most dangerous game.

Once, the Seven Shapers dwelled in accord. First-born between them used to be Haomane, Lord-of-Thought and along with his brother and sister gods, the Seven drew upon of the facility of the Souma, claimed a race of beings for his or her personal and started Shaping the area to their will.

But Haomane observed the methods of this new international and was once displeased. For in his more youthful brother Satoris, as soon as known as the Sower, Haomane concept too prideful and in his present, the quickening of the flesh too freely to the races...and to that of guy particularly. Haomane requested Satoris to withdraw his reward from males yet he refused. And so begun the Shapers' conflict.

Eons have handed. The conflict that ensued Sundered the very global. Haomane and his siblings lay to 1 finish of an unlimited ocean not able to the touch their creations, Satoris and the races of the area at the different. Satoris has been damaged and left adrift one of the peoples of the area and is reviled, with many of the races believing that it was once he by myself who triggered the rift and depriving them of the balm of the Seven. He sits in Darkhaven, controlling his personal dominion--seeking now not victory yet neither vengeance.

But nonetheless Haomane isn't content material. via Haomane's whispers within the minds and hearts of the races of the realm come a prophecy that if Satoris have been defeated, the area can be made complete and all may delight in the sunshine of the Souma back. And the few who remain through Satoris are considered because the final evil. And so the races come jointly to defeat Satoris, a being who helped engender all of them yet who's stuck in his elder brother's warp.

Strong storytelling with evocative, compelling, and unforgettable characters, Banewrecker finally asks the query:

If all that's thought of reliable considers you evil, are you?

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He hadn't been able to do it. The babe, the child of his cuckolded marriage bed, had succeeded Roscus in the House of Altorus. "Aye," Hyrgolf said, nodding. "That's as I heard it. The Sundered World made whole, but the cost of it our lives. Well, then, that's only a piece of it, this wedding. " "His Lordship knows," Tanaros said. " Their eyes met, then; Man and Fjel, hearing a common enemy named. "Malthus," Hyrgolf rumbled, deep in his chest. The Wise Counselor, Wielder of the Soumanie, last of three, last and greatest of Haomane's Shapings.

She had never known the glory of the Souma and Haomane's presence, only the deep, enduring ache of their absence. That bitter knowledge had dwelled in her while generations were born and died, for, by the reckoning of Men, she was timeless. She had watched, century upon century, the proud Kings of Altoria, Altorus' sons, as they grew to manhood and took their thrones, made love and war and boasts, withered and died. She had watched as they disdained their ancient friendship with the Ellylon, watched as Satoris Banewreaker calculated his vengeance and shattered their kingdom.

Let them wonder, and fear. He drew upon its power for this second healing, so much more difficult than the first. Inch by slow inch, he sealed the wound. It left a scar that shone with a pale light, another memento of his brother's wrath. When it was done, he was weary. Not all wounds could be healed. Always, there was the third wound, the immortal one; there, in the hollow of his thigh, where Oronin had struck him with Godslayer itself. It festered with deep poison and wept unceasing tears of ichor, and where they fell, the land itself was blighted and changed.

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