Ben Jonson: A Sourcebook (Complete Critical Guide to English by James Loxley

By James Loxley

This quantity deals the broadest variety of knowledge on Jonson and his works, from heritage on contexts to info of modern interpretations of his performs.

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The monarch might promise to do so once supply had been voted; the Parliament might promise to levy taxes once its concerns had been addressed. The whole system required a certain amount of bargaining and brinkmanship, but its stability was not enhanced by the fact that the nature of monarchical sovereignty and the extent of parliamentary authority were persistently moot points throughout this period – eventually disastrously so. Whatever these uncertainties, though, no Parliament was able to embody anything like an executive function.

Indeed, thematic commentary and this account often overlap, for Jonson’s work often makes such circumstances its explicit concern. It can be described as insistently self-reflexive, a quirk which plays an important role in shaping the ways in which critics have read Jonson over the years. (b) WORKS At the turn of the seventeenth century, the notion that the plays of a mere English dramatist could be accounted ‘works’ was not widely entertained. Works were the province of classical writers, those figures enshrined at the heart of the humanist curriculum that laid the foundations of every Renaissance education [9, 10].

In general 18 LIFE AND CONTEXTS terms, then, and also in specific examples such as the Dutch revolt, a war between religious alternatives became explicable in the political language of a revolt against tyranny, on the one hand, or that of an anarchic rebellion against legitimate authority, on the other. The discourses of politics and religion were in practice inseparable. Within states this ensured that differences of religion could not simply be left at that. The Protestants of France had been massacred in Paris in 1572 on the orders of their own government: here, the doctrinal disputes set in train by the Reformers of the early sixteenth century had coalesced into vicious factional struggles between powerful regional rulers.

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