Better Vocabulary in 30 Minutes a Day (Better English by Edie Schwager

By Edie Schwager

Larger Vocabulary in half-hour an afternoon deals a complete strategy for including a extra remarkable record of phrases in your daily speech and the way to exploit them without problems and safely. in addition to giving definitions, this worthwhile consultant presents roots, stems, and components of phrases so you might bring up your vocabulary with hundreds of thousands of latest phrases. Sprinkled through the booklet are interesting tales approximately phrases and origins.

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Previous page page_44 If you like this book, buy it! next page > < previous page page_45 next page > Page 45 debaclecollapse, downfall (F débâcler, to unbolt, unbar) The fateful year 1929 saw a debacle on Wall Street that ruined millions of investors and caused banks all over the United States to fail. decimateto destroy, injure or damage to an extreme (L decimus, tenth, from decem, ten) In former times, to decimate was to kill every tenth man, especially in a military sense. Nowadays, decimate is used too loosely to indicate an injury of a somewhat serious kind.

His gag writers often teasingly attributed their own jokes to him. When a director told Goldwyn that a particular screen writer was too caustic, he is said to have replied, "Too caustic? " Oscar Levant, a great performer of Gershwin music, was also noted for his caustic wit. " ceruleandeep blue, azure (L caeruleus) The skies that autumn morning were a dazzling cerulean. charismaan unusual quality of leadership (Gk) President John F. Kennedy possessed charisma, and for the most part he used it well politically.

Criterionstandard, standard of reference (Gk) Integrity is one important criterion by which people are judged. Speed and maneuverability are criteria used to classify Air Force jets. cryogenicsscience of freezing (Gk krymos, icy cold, ISV genic, producing, forming) The aerospace industry uses cryogenics extensively, and so do frozen-food companies. Researchers use cryogenics in their study of human tissues. crypticpuzzling, hidden, secret (Gk kryptos) Computer manuals are often cryptic to the average user.

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