Between Chora and the Good: Metaphor's Metaphysical by Charles P. Bigger

By Charles P. Bigger

Plato's chora as constructed within the Timaeus is an inventive matrix within which issues come up and stand out based on the entice of the great. Chora is paired with the nice, its polar contrary; either are past beingand the metaphors hitherto notion to reveal the transcendent. They underlie Plato's contrast of a procreative hole among being and turning into. The chiasmus among the great and chora makes attainable their mutual participation in a single one other. This hole makes attainable either phenomenological and cosmological interpretations of Plato. Metaphor is particular to beings as they seem during this hole during the crossing of metaphor's phrases, phrases that stay with, instead of subulate, each other. Hermeneutically, via its iswe can see anything being engendered or made up our minds by means of that crossing.Bigger's better target is to align the primacy of the great in Plato and Christian Neoplatonism with the author God of Genesis and the God of affection within the New testomony.

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38 The problem is that textual resemblances may never touch empirical reality. The world of the general text, for all the proto-dynamics of Derrida’s différance, is a virtual world, the way things look as one comes down from on high. It is thus the heir to the virtual worlds and the proliferation of meanings unleashed by the nineteenth-century novel, Mach’s phenomenalized physics, Frege’s Sinn and Bedeutung, phenomenology, expressionism, Cantor, Lobachevski, Bolyai, Riemann, and the like in a movement resembling Plato’s synthetic dialectic: “Having grasped the principle .

In a certain way ideal objects do exist objectively in the world but “. . ”36 Words carry with them their history and an implicit metaphysics, a nexus of sometimes incompatible and ever-shifting meanings from which there is really no escape, no new beginning. It is as if they spoke for us and said what we did not mean to say, a dilemma that vigilance cannot completely overcome. ”37 The text lives in a sort of specious present where, like memory itself, all sorts of pasts can be equally present.

As long as we live, there is a place for metaphor. The word metaphero is a metaphor and means “to carry over” the sense of one term to another on the basis of a resemblance or identity. ” Even as Aristotle’s “transport” disappears, metaphor reappears in my “crossing,” “seeing,” and “dwelling”; I. A. qxd 04/02/2005 7:39 pm Page 17 of the divided line and cave, but these polyvalent, enabling conditions for episteme must give way to an imageless logistic ideal. Aristotle’s demonstrative science (EN, 1141a 18) takes priority of place over his phenomenological sense of demonstration (Post.

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