Between Orality and Literacy: Communication and Adaptation by Ruth Scodel (ed.)

By Ruth Scodel (ed.)

The essays in among Orality and Literacy handle how oral and literature practices intersect as messages, texts, practices, and traditions circulate and alter, simply because problems with orality and literacy are in particular advanced and critical whilst details is transmitted over huge expanses of time and house or tailored in new contexts. Their subject matters variety from Homer and Hesiod to the hot testomony and Gaius’ Institutes, from epic poetry and drama to vase portray, historiography, mythography, and the philosophical letter. many times they go back to definite concerns. Writing and orality will not be together unique, and their interplay isn't regularly in one course. Authors, whether or not they use writing or no longer, attempt to keep watch over the responses of a listening viewers. A variable culture should be mounted, not only by way of writing as a expertise, yet through such diversified methods because the institution of a Panhellenic model of an Attic fable and a Hellenistic city’s construction of a unmarried celebratory historical past.

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14–16 and 23) and Bushnell (1982: 8). 3 Unless otherwise noted, translations of the Iliad and Odyssey come from Lattimore (1951 and 1965, respectively). I follow Lattimore’s spelling of proper nouns. I provide original Greek (from the Oxford Classical Texts) when the argument hangs on a point of diction. 6 For instance, “three times from the hills of Ida Zeus of the counsels / thundered, giving a sign (sēma) to the Trojans that the battle was turning” (Il. 170–171). Hektor responds, “I see that the son of Kronos has willingly assented / to my high glory and success, but granted the Danaans / disaster” (Il.

In the Homeric Hymns the word is used three times in a slightly less openly pejorative context: of Apollo’s potential violence in Hymn to Apollo 67–68; of Herakles’ performance and sufferance of atasthala in Hymn to Herakles 6; and of Hermes’ fart in the Hymn to Hermes, which is called a ‘wretched servant of the belly, an atasthalos messenger (τλήμονα γαστρὸς ἔριθον ἀτάσθαλον ἀγγελιώτην, 296). Even here, however, the term is still clearly a moral (if not always a serious) one: in the Hymn to Apollo the Island of Delos is worried that Apollo will be atasthalos and violent against gods and men; Hermes’ “messenger” is clearly inappropriate; and Herakles is certainly known for both performing and suffering excessively.

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