The Fighters Book 4: Bladesinger (Forgotten Realms) by Keith Francis Strohm, Kevin Kraft, Audible Studios

By Keith Francis Strohm, Kevin Kraft, Audible Studios

They're the half-bloods, the damaged, the unforgiven.They failed themselves and their people.They are outcasts.Then, within the sour wilds of Rashemen, they obtain a determined plea they on my own can solution. in the event that they prevail, it could actually suggest their redemption. but when they fail, a bothered prior could be the least in their problems.About the writer Keith Francis Strohm is the present leader working Officer of Paizo Publishing, LLC, and the writer of Dragon and Dungeon magazines. sooner than that, he was once the vice chairman of Pokemon®, the Director of the Roleplaying and Miniatures different types, and the emblem supervisor for Dungeons & Dragons®--all at Wizards of the Coast. he's the writer of the Greyhawk® novel The Tomb of Horrors, and he has written 3 brief tales for the Forgotten geographical regions. this can be his moment novel.

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His life—the things he had done. It was painful, and real life rarely turned out like tavern tales or those sappy songs requested by moon-eyed merchants' daughters. Still, Taen needed her, and if she was honest with herself, she knew that she needed him. "Marissa," Taen began, "I'm... I am sorry. You know that. I've been feeling very strange ever since we crossed into Rashemen. It's as if everything seems somehow more real here. My past. My failure. " He stopped speaking. Marissa reached out across the short distance between them and grabbed his hand.

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