Blessings by Belva Plain

By Belva Plain

At thirty-six, Jennie Rakowsky's goals were  coming real. She used to be approximately to marry an excellent man,  her occupation as a legal professional used to be skyrocketing, and she  had by no means been extra attractive. after which the secret  she had hidden for nineteen years threatened to shatter it all.From the Paperback version.

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We'll go to Cartier's. " "Jay, I don't need such an expensive ring. " "Jennie, don't be a nuisance, will you? Don't argue with me. Go to sleep. I'm half asleep already. " She hung up and cried out loud into the room. " Walk into the family all of a sudden with a nineteen-year-old daughter, dropped down from nowhere . . Jay's babies . . the wedding just a couple of months away . . the Wolfes, that decorous, trusting, honorable pair. Liberal. Decent. But never fool yourself, the code behind the pleasant surface is a rigid one.

But you won," Jay said proudly. " His father was studying Jennie. " "I'd need to know more about it. " "They want to build what they call a recreational subdivision. Vacation homes. Corporate retreats. It would be high-density condominiums one on top of the other. You see, the new highway makes it accessible, there's skiing only half an hour away, and after they dredge the lake they'll double its size and—" He stopped. Enid interjected, "And incidentally, if we should have a wet season, flood all the fields south of town.

And while, even when she was still in high school, she knew she would leave their world, she also knows that in spirit at least she will always be part of it. " Mom says. Her hair is in curlers. She looks chubby, even in her enveloping house-dress. Now she frowns a little, trying to decipher the letter's smart-looking backhand script. It is a woman's writing on thick gray paper. The envelope is lined and the paper is engraved in navy blue. Mom runs a finger over the raised letters. " "Mom, it's proper.

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