Blindness by Jose Saramago

By Jose Saramago

A urban is hit through a deadly disease of "white blindness" which spares not anyone. specialists confine the ignorant of an empty psychological clinic, yet there the felony point holds everybody captive, stealing meals rations and raping girls. there's one eyewitness to this nightmare who courses seven strangers-among them a boy without mom, a woman with darkish glasses, a puppy of tears-through the barren streets, and the procession turns into as uncanny because the atmosphere are harrowing. an impressive parable of loss and disorientation and a brilliant evocation of the horrors of the 20 th century, Blindness has swept the studying public with its strong portrayal of man's worst appetites and weaknesses-and man's eventually exhilarating spirit. The stunningly robust novel of man's will to outlive opposed to all odds, by means of the winner of the 1998 Nobel Prize for Literature.

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He said nothing about the stolen car. The doctor asked him, Has anything like this ever happened to you before, or something similar, No, doctor, I don't even use glasses. And you say it came on all of a sudden, Yes, doctor, Like a light going out, More like a light going on, During the last few days have you felt any difference in your eyesight, No, doctor, Is there, or has there ever been any case of blindness in your family, Among the relatives I've known or have heard discussed, no one, Do you suffer from diabetes, No, doctor, From syphilis, No, doctor.

She gave an affirmative nod, but, being blind, just imagine, she thought the policeman might not have noticed her gesture and she murmured, Yes, I have the money, and then under her breath, added, If only I didn't, words that might strike us as being odd, but which, if we consider the circumvolutions of the human mind, where no short or direct routes exist, these same words end up by being absolutely clear, what she meant to say was that she had been punished because of her disreputable conduct, for her immorality, and this was the outcome.

Tell me where you live, the man asked him. Through the car windows voracious faces spied, avid for some news. The blind man raised his hands to his eyes and gestured, Nothing, it's as if I were caught in a mist or had fallen into a milky sea. But blindness isn't like that, said the other fellow, they say that blindness is black, Well I see everything white, That little woman was probably right, it could be a matter of nerves, nerves are the very devil, No need to talk to me about it, it's a disaster, yes a disaster, Tell me where you live please, and at the same time the engine started up.

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