Firefly Role-Playing Game Core Book by Margaret Weis Productions

By Margaret Weis Productions

FIREFLY places you correct in the course of the motion of the wildly well known tv sequence, outrunning Alliance cruisers and buying and selling bullets with fearsome bounty hunters, folks who wish what you've got or are looking to placed out the sunshine of desire that you just symbolize. This online game makes use of a freewheelin’ model of the award-winning Cortex Plus process to carry the ‘Verse to existence at your desk or on-line, together with large ideas and guidance for making a staff and resolving dramatic motion. additionally incorporated are send plans, process charts, an episode consultant and extra.

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Pendragon Tales of Chivalry and Romance (King Arthur by Shannon Appel, William G. Filios, Geoff Gillan, Heidi Kaye,

By Shannon Appel, William G. Filios, Geoff Gillan, Heidi Kaye, Eric Rowe

"Tales of Chivalry & Romance" are adventures which discover the 2 beliefs which set King Arthur Pendragon except such a lot different roleplaying video games. The code of chivalry and the excessive paintings of romance are very important components of the genuine knight's personality. they could motivate you to nice deeds of valor and honore, or if annoyed, can result in darkish rifts among lords and fanatics. The adventures chanced on inside may be performed separately for an evening's leisure, or woven into your personal epic campaigns.

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Tradition Book: Hollow Ones (Mage The Ascension) by Angel McCoy, Tadd McDivitt

By Angel McCoy, Tadd McDivitt

MG: Order of HermesWhite Wolf PublishingRetail rate: $19.95 U.S.ISBN: 1-58846-413-X UPC: 9781588464132Page count number: 104Authors: PhilBrucato & Stephen Michael DiPesaDeveloper: invoice BridgesBy Mine Will it truly is DoneSince thefall of Rome, the wizards of the Order of Hermes haveimposed their effective will at the Tapestry of truth, discovering,shaping and ordering thesecret forces of the cosmos. a lot ofthe modernworld's photograph of magic itself comes from the Order'slore, filtered via sensationalistic minds. however the fact is evenmore sensational, for Hermetics do not purely forged spells andsummon demons. Their paintings bends the universe itself to their will.As Above, So BelowWith the increase of the Avatar typhoon and the autumn of its Horizon chantries,the Order faces the best problem in its heritage - adapt to themodern international or relinquish all strength to a monolithic technology thatdenies the artwork of Magic. Now greater than ever, the Order wishes thecreativity and audacity of the Founders.Continues the revolutionstoryline within the wake of the Ascension War.6/23/04 -- replaced Std fee to mirror WWP bill -- SAR

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Savage Worlds: Weird Wars - Tour of Darkness by Pinnacle Entertainment

By Pinnacle Entertainment

Our first follow-up to our damage hit bizarre Wars within the new Savage Worlds approach takes us to the jungles of Vietnam. Your grunt has 12 months and a wake-up to benefit what relatively lurks within the jungle. Surviving is hard adequate, but when your GI is admittedly at the ball, he simply could get drafted into the super-secret Phoenix software and notice excess of he ever sought after concerning the simple of Jars and the key cults of the excessive mountains.

Tour of Darkness gains new Sanity principles and the way to accommodate mind-numbing horror, a ton of Edges & stumbling blocks, new horrors, and an grand event Generator and Plot issues to inform the main savage of stories! Written through the mysterious Teller!

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Pathfinder Campaign Setting: Lost Kingdoms by Paizo Inc.

By Paizo Inc.

The shattered is still of useless civilizations lie dormant during the internal Sea. no matter if such ruins are entombed less than a whole lot rubble, sunk underneath white-capped oceans, or warped into blasted wastelands by way of otherworldly energies, the perils of those obliterated empires are equaled basically via the unfathomable treasures locked inside their crumbling temples, crypts, and citadels.

Lost Kingdoms presents a close evaluate of six of Golarion’s most famed and mysterious old international locations, fallen empires that promise intrepid adventurers the chance to assert untold riches, discover fantastical geographical regions of antiquity, and get to the bottom of mysteries proposal lengthy misplaced to the sands of time.

• historical kingdoms explored during this 64-page publication include:
• old Osirion, the pharaonic empire whose rulers developed treasure-laden crypts, pyramids, and temples devoted to their very own honor.
• Ghol-Gan, the place cyclopes raised ziggurats to otherworldly deities, yet whose works now function half-flooded temple-lairs for alien horrors.
• The Jistka Imperium, the 1st precise civilization to upward push after the apocalypse of Earthfall, famed for its golem-crafting artificers and expansionist magistrates.
• Lirgen and Yamasa, whose astrological divinations and ancestral spirits led their cultures to prosperity, yet did not warn them of the arrival of the nice storm destined to smash their lands.
• Sarkoris, the place barbarian warlords and druids now increase spears opposed to the demon-spawning rift within the heart in their ancestral lands.
• Thassilon, a divided empire governed by way of the runelords, vile wizards whose sin magic enslaved whole tribes of giants and shackled them to construction monuments to their glory.

Lost Kingdoms is meant to be used with the Pathfinder Roleplaying video game and the Pathfinder crusade atmosphere, yet can simply be utilized in any myth video game atmosphere.

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Pathfinder Adventure Path: Carrion Crown Part 2 - Trial of by Richard Pett

By Richard Pett

The Beast of Lepidstadt, a savagely crafty flesh golem, has lengthy terrorized the straightforward folks of the land. as soon as captured notwithstanding, instead of ruin the monster, the enlightened council of the town of Lepidstadt insists the evidently pondering creature face a lawful trial. whereas at the path of the Whispering approach the heroes are enlisted to protect it opposed to infuriated townsfolk, students of the macabre, and the slaves of its mad writer. whilst a violent assault releases the berserker, its path results in the laboratory lair of a mad scientist and his blasphemous creations, crazed conspirators within the maniacal plot of the Whispering method. A Pathfinder Roleplaying online game experience for 4th-level characters, this quantity keeps the Carrion Crown experience course, drawing on topics of vintage horror tales. This advanture additionally comprises an in-depth examine Pharasma, mysterious goddess of destiny, in addition to information at the everlasting Order of the Palatine Eye, considered one of Ustalav's so much manipulative and mysterious mystery societies, plus 5 terrifying new monsters within the Pathfinder Bestiary, new fiction within the Pathfinder's magazine, and masses extra!

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L5R RPG Masters of Court (Legend of the Five Rings) by Alderac Entertainment Group

By Alderac Entertainment Group

Silken phrases hold dying as without doubt as a Katana. faraway from the fields of conflict, the good Clans of Rokugan fight opposed to one another at the back of the partitions of stylish palaces and amidst the theater of serious public occasions. They remember that politics and international relations - the humanities of the court docket - aren't any less significant to their ongoing struggle for strength and impact than the sword and the bow. yet as with battle, the subtleties of court docket play a extra famous strategic position for a few Clans than for others. Masters of court docket perspectives 3 such Clans - the stylish Crane, the crafty Scorpion and the rather new and enigmatic Spider - in the course of the lens in their perform of international relations. One bankruptcy can also be dedicated to the Otomo kin and their courting to the nice Clans.

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Fusion of Smart, Multimedia and Computer Gaming

This monograph booklet is concentrated at the contemporary advances in shrewdpermanent, multimedia and computing device gaming applied sciences. The Contributions include:

* shrewdpermanent Gamification and shrewdpermanent severe Games.
* Fusion of safe IPsec-based digital inner most community, cellular computing and wealthy multimedia technology.
* educating and selling clever net of items suggestions utilizing the Serious-game Approach.
* assessment of pupil wisdom utilizing an e-Learning Framework.
* The iTEC Eduteka.
* 3D digital Worlds as a Fusion of Immersing, Visualizing, Recording, and Replaying Technologies.
* Fusion of multimedia and cellular expertise in audioguides for Museums and Exhibitions: from Bluetooth Push to net Pull.

The publication is directed to researchers, scholars and software program builders operating within the parts of schooling and knowledge applied sciences.

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