Caveat Emptor: A Novel of the Roman Empire by Ruth Downie

By Ruth Downie

In her fourth novel, Ruth Downie brings to existence the corruption and treachery of Roman-occupied Britain, because it closes in on her winsome prime guy. Gaius Petreius Ruso and his new spouse Tilla have moved to the city of Verulamium, the place a tax guy named Julius Asper has long past lacking, besides handsome profit. because the research deepens, and regardless of our hero's most sensible efforts to get himself fired, he and his bride locate themselves trapped on the middle of an more and more treacherous conspiracy regarding robbery, forgery, buried treasure, and the legacy of Boudica, the insurgent queen.

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She clutched at the sill again. “Everyone is lying to me. Aargh! ” Her voice rose to a shriek. ” Ruso left the room quietly, unnoticed and doubtlessly unmissed. Downstairs, Ruso conceded that he would be going to Verulamium. ” Valens’s hesitant “Uh” hinted at complications. They had never discussed it, but Ruso was aware that despite their own friendship, the two women had never been close. Serena was the daughter of a high-ranking Roman centurion. Tilla was not only a native, but, when they had first met, she had been Ruso and Valens’s housekeeper.

Nobody will listen to me. ” She stopped talking, lumbered to her feet, and walked around to the window. Clinging onto the sill, she bent forward and cried out. Tilla stood behind her, patiently massaging her back and assuring her she was doing very well. He waited for the contraction to pass, silently absorbing this fresh evidence that women were very poorly designed. He had, without telling his wife, added a book on pregnancy and childbirth to his collection of medical texts. Yet it still remained a mystery to him why Tilla, who knew more about childbirth than most, was so desperate to go through it.

To Ruso’s relief he also had a scar under his right eye, which might distinguish him from hundreds of other brown-haired tallish men of the same age. As for the kind eyes—that would perhaps depend on whether one was a devoted wife or a defaulting taxpayer. —part of an ear missing. Now that was a useful description. Both spoke good Latin. She had never noticed an accent, but since she had one herself, that might not mean much. ” She clutched at the sill again. “Everyone is lying to me. Aargh! ” Her voice rose to a shriek.

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