Clanbook: Ravnos (Vampire, the Masquerade) by Deird're Brooks

By Deird're Brooks

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Hypothetically, any Kindred can do it and few princes care one way or another unless your presence brings problems or solutions to the domain. It's best to offer solutions. I would say that, at best, only a minority of the Camarilla's membership has ever seen a Ravnos, and fewer still have ever met one knowingly. That's a fairly low number, but consider who does appear at their Elysiums and garden parties and salons and whatever-the-hell else they call their little soirees. You're lucky to see the prince once a year, let alone continuously run afoul of her.

As the number of Eastern Kindred increases and the fighting becomes more intense, the Eastern Ravnos are more willing to Embrace a dozen or so in a single night to use as cannon fodder. These unfortunates are not expected to survive, and are occasionally destroyed after they've served their purpose. Some elders protest this tactic, stating that it violates the tenets of Paradox and the mortals' own destinies. ^/AT/AND BLOODLINES Among the most traditional Ravnos, mortal lineage is at least as important as Kindred.

If it were that simple, existence wouldn't be such a pain. Truthfully, our weakness gives many princes and other Kindred valid reasons to distrust or even hate our clan (though they come to us whenever they need something underhanded done). Ravnos suffer from compulsions that range from the pedestrian habit of kleptomania to the far more exotic and dangerous drive to commit diablerie on fellow Kindred. Fortunately, relatively few Ravnos are driven to the latter. What I said in the first paragraph sounds a bit metaphorical, so I'll expand.

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