Cold Aqueous Planetary Geochemistry with FREZCHEM: From by Giles M. Marion

By Giles M. Marion

This booklet explicitly investigates problems with astrobiological relevance within the context of chilly aqueous planetary geochemistry.

At the middle of the technical chapters is the FREZCHEM version, in the beginning built over a long time by way of one of many authors to quantify aqueous electrolyte houses and chemical thermodynamics at subzero temperatures. FREZCHEM, of common relevance to biogeochemists and geochemical modelers, chilly planetary scientists, physicochemists and chemical engineers, is hence utilized to the exploration of biogeochemical purposes to sunlight platforms our bodies in most cases, and to speculations in regards to the limits for all times in chilly environments in particular.

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11. Estimating solubility products for pure gas hydrates as outlined above is fairly straightforward. Application of this model to real-world situations is, however, generally more complicated because gases in natural environments are seldom pure gases. There are a number of models that can be used for gas mixtures (Duan et al. 1992a,b; Pitzer 1995). In this work, we assume that Fig. 10. Experimental data for methane and carbon dioxide hydrate equilibria. Reprinted from Marion et al. 3 Chemistries and Their Temperature and Pressure Dependence 45 Fig.

58 will produce γCH4 ·6H2 O values > 1 at subzero temperatures (extrapolation of equations in Fig. 13). As equilibrium gas pressure drops (and temperature drops), the system approachs ideal behavior (see Eq. 56 in Fig. 12). 0 at subzero temperatures. 4, Fig. 595 in Eq. 58. 1 The Sequential Approach The original FREZCHEM model (FREZCHEM1) used a sequential approach to solve the nonlinear equations controlling chemical equilibria (Marion and Grant, 1994). Initially, if the solution is supersaturated with respect to ice, then the solution is equilibrated with ice (Fig.

1988). A different type of chemical system is exemplified by H2 SO4 (Fig. 5), where the only solid-phase chemical equilibria are at subzero temperatures. 68 (Linke 1965). Introducing pressure into the FREZCHEM model necessitates quantifying volumetric properties of ions in solution and solids in order to calculate the pressure dependence of K (Eq. 29), γ (Eq. 87), and aw (Eq. 90). 7 depict the molar volumes and compressibilities of ions Fig. 5. Equilibria for H2 SO4 solutions at subzero temperatures.

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