Comparative studies of diffraction processes in the by Peter L Christiansen

By Peter L Christiansen

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San Francisco 1967 Holden-Day. octavo. , 288pp. , index, hardcover. high-quality in VG DJ, a couple of small closed tears.

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4. I. Tor~ r (r § h (X A and the identifications Y). I. ~, are natural in X,Y. 1. Let X, be a ~rojective : EI(X,;h in the case that interests us. @o complex, ) @ EI(Y,;h h Y, ~ % complex. Then the pairing ) + EI(X . ;h ) is an isomorphism. Proof If X. is projective, SmXp/X_+ip = SZp is a Kunneth space for all p. 2. < : h (smx /X +l ) @ P P h is an isomorphism. ;h ), au@mented by c, e" over ~*(X), in w D. ;h ~*(Y) respectively; and the discussion which precedes it they are actually resolutions.

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