Comprehensive Coordination Chemistry II. Coordination by J. A. McCleverty, T.J. Meyer

By J. A. McCleverty, T.J. Meyer

Accomplished Coordination Chemistry II (CCC II) is the sequel to what has develop into a vintage within the box, entire Coordination Chemistry, released in 1987. CCC II builds at the first and surveys new advancements authoritatively in over 2 hundred newly comissioned chapters, with an emphasis on present developments in biology, fabrics technology and different components of latest medical curiosity.

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454 Dilithiation of AsH2SiPri3 produces the decameric cluster Li16(AsSiPri3)10. 1 Group 16 Ligands Oxygen donor ligands The generally high oxophilicity of the alkali and alkaline-earth elements gives oxygen donor ligands a prominent place in s-block coordination chemistry. Oxygen donor ligands, of which Figure 60 The structure of (2,4,6-triisopropylphenyl)2SiFAs{Li(THF)2}{SiPri3}. Group 1s and 2s Metals 51 Figure 61 The structure of the (RAs)12Li26O aggregate (R ¼ SiMe2CPriMe2). The alkyl groups have been removed for clarity.

255 A large number of structurally characterized bis(trimethylsilyl)amido complexes now exist; Table 5 gives a representative selection of monometallic homoleptic compounds, both base-free and with coordinated ethers. 262 Their structures illustrate the complex interactions between metal size, ligand bulk, and molecular structure that exist with these metals. 265 The potassium,266 rubidium, and caesium253 derivatives exist as discrete dimers in the solid state, constructed around planar [M—N–]2 frameworks.

The lithium derivative, {EtSi[P(Si(Pri)3)Li]3}2, has a distorted Figure 46 The structure of the hexameric complex [MgPSi(But)3]6. Group 1s and 2s Metals 43 Figure 47 The structure of the 18-crown-6 complex of caesium 2,6-dimesitylphenylphosphide. rhombic dodecahedral Si2P6Li6 framework, whereas the product from the sodium reaction has an open polyhedral structure, with two bridging sodium atoms, each coordinated 2 to a molecule of the toluene solvent (see Figure 50). 476 (iii) Disubstituted phosphido complexes Disubstituted phosphido ligands [PRR0 ]À have been incorporated into numerous s-block complexes.

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