Conquest Of Siberia, And The History Of The Transactions, by Gerhard Friedrich Muller, Peter Simon Pallas

By Gerhard Friedrich Muller, Peter Simon Pallas

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To troubled and unwholesome, and the springs which rise in the neighbourhood are either foul or brackish : from these circumstances, the principal inhabitants are obliged to send for water from a spring in the Chinese D district. 50 The CONQUEST OF SIBERIA. soil or rock, of the adjacent country and extremely barren. is mostly sand If the frontiers of Russia were extended about nine versts more south to the rivulet of Bura, the inhabitants of Kiachta would then enjoy good water, a soil, and plenty of fish, all fruitful which advantages are at present confined to the Chinese.

The suburb, which wooden wall covered frise, is with surrounded a at the top with chevaux-de- no more than a hundred and contains twenty houses, very irregularly built same number of gates as the fortress, Without also guarded. high road leading ; this suburb, it which are upon the Selenginsk, stand to has the a few houses, and the magazine for rhubarb. This settlement is but indifferently provided with water, both in quality and quantity; for although the brook Kiachta it flows summer, scarcely Its by the that, is dammed up fortress, yet it is so unless sufficient stream is after heavy as shallow in rains, it is supply the inhabitants.

Of the Chinese Empire, extracted from a Treatise of Geography, lately account of this Extract tersburg. is printed at Pekin. A short given in the Journal of St. Pe- CONQUEST OF SIBERIA. 45 This treaty, called the treaty of Kiachta, was, 911 the fourteenth of June, 1728, concluded and ratified by the Count Ragusinski and three Chinese plenipotentaries upon the spot, where Kiachta was afterwards built all transactions since carried it is : the basis of on between Russia and China. One innovation in the mode of carrying on the trade to China, which has been introduced the accession of since Catherine place.

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