Cross-Linked Liquid Crystalline Systems: From Rigid Polymer by Dirk Broer, Gregory P Crawford, Slobodan Zumer

By Dirk Broer, Gregory P Crawford, Slobodan Zumer

Liquid crystal monitors have been found within the Sixties, and this day we proceed to benefit from the merits of that basic discovery and its translation right into a big choice of goods. Like liquid crystals, polymers are strange fabrics, and feature equally loved loads of examine cognizance as a result of their gigantic functions and makes use of and complicated primary houses. the combo of liquid crystal and polymer homes produces a huge array of latest effects―spanning from densely crosslinked, inflexible polymer networks to weakly crosslinked elastomers―that aren't easily manifestations of both local liquid crystals or polymers by myself.

Cross-Linked Liquid Crystalline Systems brings jointly liquid crystal and polymer structures and their diversifications. the sector, very similar to conventional liquid crystals, is certainly one of an interdisciplinary nature with a huge spectrum, from the very primary questions of nature to a myriad of useful makes use of. There appears no scarcity of surprising houses and far-reaching purposes in densely crossed-linked liquid crystal platforms and liquid crystal elastomers. those platforms supply a wealthy new street for either basic and utilized learn and proceed to fascinate scientists and engineers. particularly, this e-book covers:

  • Cross-linked networks made from reactive mesogen materials
  • Manipulation of liquid crystalline via exterior constraints
  • Advances in lcd reveal technology
  • Physical and electromagnetic houses of elastomers and magnetic gels
  • Computer simulations and idea of liquid crystal polymeric networks and elastomers
  • Side-on nematic liquid-crystalline elastomers for man made muscle applications

Liquid crystal reveal know-how has pushed a lot of the basic examine in crosslinked liquid crystalline platforms. The platforms’ skill to implement third-dimensional constitution within the molecular order and catch it created a couple of compelling software probabilities since it supplied beneficial regulate of the molecular order. This booklet advances the certainty of easy technological know-how in the back of those platforms, hurries up a few of the proposed functions to undefined, and hopes to encourage generations of scientists to imagine widely approximately those fascinating and precious fabrics.

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In order to induce higher ordered phases, the structure of the mesogenic group was further optimized. 40 exhibit smectic phases. Furthermore, they also exhibit a nematic phase at higher temperatures, which is important to establish defect-free long range alignment, which is more difficult in the highly viscous smectic phase. The alignment is maintained during cooling of the smectic phase although the molecular arrangement and packing changes. 40 Structure and phase transitions of 1,4-phenylene bis(4-(6-(acryloyloxy)hexyloxy) benzoate) 1, 4-((4-(6-(acryloyloxy)hexyloxy)phenoxy)carbonyl)phenyl 4-(6-(acryloyloxy)hexyloxy) benzoate 58, trans-4-(4-(6-(acryloyloxy)hexyloxy)cyclohexanecarbonyloxy) phenyl 4-(6-(acryloyloxy)hexyloxy) benzoate 59 and 4-(4-(6-(acryloyloxy)hexyloxy) phenethyl)phenyl 4-(6-(acryloyloxy)hexyloxy)benzoate 60, and of dichroic dye 1-(4-((E)(4-((E)-(4-(trifluoromethyl)phenyl)diazenyl)phenyl)diazenyl)phenyl)pyrrolidine 61.

The polymers or networks formed in such systems are mostly obtained from bifunctional mesogenic monomers. These polymers are generally dispersed in a small amount (typically between 1 and 10 wt%) in conventional LCs to improve the electro-optic properties of the existing LC matrix. The merit of such a composite system is more apparent when the polymer concentration lies at the low end of PSLC concentration spectrum, where the issue of refractive indices matching between the polymer and the LC becomes negligible.

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