Current Problems in Elementary Particle and Mathematical by P. Urban (auth.), Prof. Dr. Paul Urban (eds.)

By P. Urban (auth.), Prof. Dr. Paul Urban (eds.)

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X N) is a real polynomially bounded functN ion on R • When X is a polynomial we shall also write P(fl, ... •• ,N explicitly and X £ P(SR). For polynomials we have by [50J that I (P) :: 5 (P (f 1 ' ••• , fN) ) 58 is well defined. Now I is extended to E by a method due to M. Riesz and M. Krein used in the classical moment N problem on R • Choose X E and let P be a polynomial £ and define ext I(P + AX) =,I(P) + A c for A real; with c to be chosen so that the extension is positive. Let Y, Z be polynomials so that Z(w) Then Y~) - Z(w) = (Y-X) ~) + (X-Z) ICY).

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