Cycling for triathletes by David Crowther; Jamie Silber; Ian Murray; Triathlon Training

By David Crowther; Jamie Silber; Ian Murray; Triathlon Training Systems.; Triathletix Trousers, Inc

Promises the main parts to make you a quicker, extra expert bicycle owner. The suggestions established could have you mountaineering higher, cornering with self belief, and descending quick and safely.

summary: supplies the foremost parts to make you a quicker, extra expert bike owner. The strategies proven may have you mountain climbing higher, cornering with self belief, and descending speedy and adequately

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The development of strength endurance is an absolutely necessary foundation for later training of maximum strength. Strength endurance is developed by means of a large number of repetitions to 40 to 50% of 1RM. In a traditional training pattern lasting more or less eight weeks, a set-up of 30 to 100 repetitions is suggested. To obtain optimum training impact, two to three training sessions a week are required. There must be at least one recovery day between sessions, since the muscle development during and after the training session reduces, then reaches a prime 24 to 48 hours later.

After strength training you should cycle about half an hour on the rollers or at least one hour on the road. The objective is to transfer the strength profit obtained to the specific muscle functioning of the cycling movement. 2005 17:55 Uhr calves Seite 55 m. glute¨ı hamstrings Specific strength training ••• 55 This resistance is provided, on the one hand, by the triathlete, who is always sitting on the saddle pushing hard to make 40 to 60 rotations per minute (RPM). On the other hand you must not exceed the threshold during this training.

After an acclimatization period of a few days, the heart frequency in rest drops to the normal value. This also is the indicator that training can be done as usual. However, it is much more difficult to attain the normal maximum heart rate during altitude training. Nutrition Eating food full of carbohydrates before, and drinking energy drinks during, the training session and the race leads to a lower heart rate. ••• 43 Someone who neglects to complete his carbohydrate store after high intensity training sessions and after races will no longer be able to obtain a high heart rate after a while.

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