Deleuze and the Non/Human

Deleuze and the Non/Human brings jointly prime overseas voices to contemplate where of the philosophy of Gilles Deleuze within the nonhuman turn.

It examines fresh debates in regards to the determine of the nonhuman in fields comparable to new materialism, speculative realism, animal reports, and the environmental and ecological Humanities and scrutinizes the debt to Deleuze's paintings that's glaring in those rising fields. therefore, the individuals to the quantity are drawn from around the academy.

Deleuze's philosophy already expected the various present debates concerning the non/human. The proposed quantity maintains this engagement, extending a few of these strains of research, in disciplines such structure, literary reviews, gender reviews, philosophy, geography and cultural stories. whilst, its objective is to open up a serious line of wondering approximately what the nonhuman capability in Deleuze's paintings itself. Deleuze and the Non/Human is hence either in regards to the non/human from Deleuze's standpoint, and approximately Deleuze from the perspective of some of the problematics that may be incorporated within the nonhuman turn.

Deleuze and the Non/Human makes a well timed intervention in a extensive set of interdisciplinary debates, and demonstrates once more the strength of Deleuze's philosophy for our serious exam of the modern .

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The philosophers who attract him the most – Zeno, Chrysippus, Epictetus, Spinoza, Kant, Nietzsche, Bergson, among many others – emphasize the smallness of the human in the largeness of the universe. My favorite quote to illustrate this comes from Epictetus: ‘You are a tiny soul carrying a corpse’! This really makes clear in an unavoidable way this smallness of the human in the order of nature. There is only a tension or uneasiness when we place the human above or beyond the world, when we attach to the human the capacity for transcendence or an exceptional position of sovereignty over nature.

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