Demonism of the Ages, Spirit Obsessions So Common in by J. M. Peebles

By J. M. Peebles

1904. allow previous philosophies and follies, truths and mistakes meet, allow outdated and glossy necromancies, sorceries, magic white and black, theories strong, undesirable and detached, come forth from their mystery lurking locations within the crypts of half-forgotten lore, allow them to come forth and stand entrance to entrance with ultra-modern inspirations, angel ministries and God's fact published within the divine ebook of nature. Partial Contents: evil spirits and their affects; chinese language spiritism; demoniac ownership; Judean obsessions and the activities of demons in Jesus' time; new testomony demonism; obsessions of the early Methodists and others; obsessions, tobacco, liquors and haunted playing dens; mental crimes; witchcraft and madness; shall males pray for the lifeless? can the obsessed be relieved and the way? Swedenborg and his obsessing evil spirits; Spiritualism because it is, and the message it has for the area.

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The Chinese are famous for gambling. It is their chief evening pastime, and one of their popular demons which they consult for luck is called the gambler's god. Before its image they bow, invoke and pray. ' A Demon A Demon "In in the in the Kwo Kwo Family. 29 Family. the spring of 1877," says Dr. Nevius, ''I took part in the work of famine-relief, in central Shantung; and while visiting some enquirers at Twin Mountain Stream, I was told of a young man of the family named Kwo, living in the village of King-Kia, who was suffering all sorts of inflictions from an evil spirit.

Known Lu-tsu is a favorite one of this kind. After the burning of the charm and incense, and when prostrations are made, a little frame is procured, to which a Chinese pencil is attached. Two men on each side hold Sometimes a it on a table spread with sand or millet. to them. prescription cord. is written, the pencil They buy the possessed. moving of its own acand give it to the medicine prescribed . Should they find that burning in- cense and offering sacrifices fails to liberate the poor victim, they may call in conjurors, such as the Taoists, who sit on mats and are carried by invisible power from Responses to the Nevius Circular.

The demon seemed to be malicious in the extreme. He delighted, not only in annoying, but in breaking things 'We had wasted the most of our substance on physicians without avail. Night and day we were borne down by this calamity, and had found ourselves absolutely powerless to drive this demoniac spirit away. " In a letter dated February 1, I obtained the following communication, translated, from a very intelligent Chinese engaged in the tea trade: ''In the province of Shantung, in the village Yang Kia-lo, there is a family named Yang, in which a woman was grievously tormented by evil spirits, and had been for fifteen years.

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