Derrida, Badiou and the Formal Imperative (Continuum Studies by Christopher Norris

By Christopher Norris

During this path-breaking learn Christopher Norris proposes a remodeled knowing of the much-exaggerated variations among analytic and continental philosophy. whereas preserving the analytic
tradition squarely in view his booklet specializes in the paintings of Jacques Derrida and Alain Badiou, of the main unique and demanding figures within the fresh historical past of rules.
Norris argues that those thinkers have decisively reconfigured the terrain of up to date philosophy and, among them, pointed a manner past a few of these probably intractable matters that experience polarised debate on each side of the notional rift among the analytic and continental traditions. particularly his ebook units out to teach - opposed to the got analytic knowledge - that continental philosophy has its personal analytic assets and is in a position to bringing a few much-needed clean perception to endure on difficulties in philosophy of language, common sense and arithmetic. Norris offers not just a distinct comparative account of Derrida's and Badiou's paintings but additionally a remarkably wide-ranging evaluation in their joint contribution to philosophy's present - if generally resisted - power for self-transformation.

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44 More Precisely 9. Order Relations Order. A relation R on a set X is an order relation iff R is reflexive, anti­ symmetric, and transitive. ) Since R is reflexive, for all x in X, (x, x) is in R. Since R is anti­ symmetric, for all x and y in X, if both (x, y) and (y, x) are in R, then x is identical with y. Since R is transitive, for all x, y, and z in X, if (x, y) is in R and (y, z) is in R, then (x, z) is in R. An obvious example of an order relation on a set is the relation is-greater-than­ or-equal-to on the set of numbers.

For instance. x is the same person as y iff x is the same height as y. The same height relation is an equivalence relation. But nobody would say that x and y are stages of the same person iff x is exactly as tall as y! Sure, fine. Sameness of height is not the right way to analyze personal identity. But haven’t we used a traditional approach? At least Locke’s memory criterion is well established. What’s the problem? The problem isn’t that we think some other criterion is better. The problem is purely formal.

It is undeniable that some natures can be better than others. None the less reason argues that there is some nature that so overtops the others that it is inferior to none. For if there is an infinite distinction of degrees, so that there is no degree which does not have a superior degree above it, then reason is led to conclude that the number of natures is endless. But this is senseless . . there is some nature which is superior to others in such a way that it is inferior to none. . Now there is either only one of this kind of nature, or there is more than one and they are equal .

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