Dictionary Geotechnical Engineering/Wörterbuch GeoTechnik: by Helmut Herrmann, Herbert Bucksch

By Helmut Herrmann, Herbert Bucksch

An unheard of reference source, the "Dictionary Geotechnical Engineering" involves greater than 70.000 distinct entries. some of the entries are supplemented by way of synonyms and/or extra motives as required and precious. in addition to phrases from basic geology, the dictionary lays emphasis on issues in utilized geoscience. major fields are: - mining - soil technology - earthwork - exploration geology - geophysics - geomorphology - origin engineering - hydrogeology - hydraulic engineering - cartography - geology of mineral deposits - mineralogy - oceanography - and surveying. greater than 10.000 new phrases are incorporated during this moment variation, plus prolonged motives of many phrases formerly translated.

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Aktive Rutschung f [Zustand einer Rutschungsaktivita¨t; Definition lt. ] active layer, annually thawed layer, seasonally frozen ground, yearly thawed layer, thawed active layer, active zone, seasonal frost, mollisol [Surface layer of ground, above the permafrost that is alternately frozen each winter and thawed each summer; it represents seasonally frozen ground on permafrost. Its thickness ranges from several centimeters to a few meters] ● Auftaulage f, Auftauschicht f, Auftauboden m, Mollisol m, periodischer Frostboden, Aktivzone, Auftauzone f active level (⚒) ● Betriebssohle f active limit earth pressure ● aktiver Grenzerddruck m active margin ● Subduktionszone f active mine, acive pit, producing mine, producing pit, productive mine, productive pit, pay(ing) mine, pay (ing) pit, profitable mine, profitable pit, workable mine, workable pit ● fo¨rdernde Grube, ¨ Ausbeutergrube, Fordergrube f active mine area ● im Abbau befindliches Grubenfeld n active patterned ground [It is growing or still developing] ● ta¨tiger Frostmusterboden m, aktiver Frostmusterboden, ta¨tiger Strukturboden im weiteren Sinne, aktiver Strukturboden im weiteren Sinne active period ● Eruptionsperiode f [Vulkan] active permafrost [Permanently frozen ground (permafrost) which, after thawing by artificial or unusual natural means, reverts to permafrost under normal climatic conditions] ● aktiver Dauerfrost m, ta¨tiger Dauerfrost active Rankine pressure ● aktiver Rankinescher Druck m, ta¨tiger Rankinescher Druck active Rankine state, active equilibrium ● aktiver Rankinescher Zustand m, ta¨tiger Rankinescher Zustand active Rankine zone ● aktive Rankinesche Zone f, ta¨tige Rankinesche Zone active remote reconnaissance, active system [Remote reconnaissance methods that provide their own source of electromagnetic radiation.

Hence the term ‘‘aerial well’’] ● oberirdische Kondensatanlage f aero. . > aerial. . S. Navy until 1957] ● Meteorologie f aeromagnetic ● luftmagnetisch, aeromagnetisch aeromagnetic anomaly map ● luftmagnetische Anomaliekarte f, aeromagnetische Anomaliekarte aeromagnetic survey(ing), aeromagnetic examination, aeromagnetic study ● Aeromagnetik f, Luftmagnetik [Erdmagnetische Untersuchung vom Flugzeug aus] aeronautic(al) chart, navigational chart [A basic map of countries or lands made primarily on Lambert conformal ionic projection and layer-tinted; air navigational data are over-pointed] ● aeronautische Karte f, Navigationskarte aeronautic(al) climatology [The application of the data and techniques of climatology to aviation meteorological problems] ● aeronautische Klimatologie f, Luftfahrtklimatologie, Flugklimatologie aeronautic(al) meteorology ● Luftfahrtmeteorologie f, Flugmeteorologie, aeronautische Meteorologie aeronomy [In geophysics, the study of the atmosphere of the earth or other bodies, particularly in relation to properties, relative motion, composition, and radiation from outer space or other bodies] ● Aeronomie f aerophoto, aerial photo, aerial photograph, aerial shot, aerial picture ● Luftbildaufnahme f, Luftaufnahme f, Luftbild n aerophotogrammetry > aerosurvey(ing) aeroplane.

The Permian is sometimes included. Partial synonym: Carbonic] ● Karbon n age of cycads [informal designation]; Jura(ssic) ● Jura m age of diurnal inequality, age of diurnal tide, diurnal age [The time interval between the maximum semimonthly north or south declination of the moon and the time that the maximum effect of the declination upon the range of tide or speed of the tidal current occurs] ● Alter n der Tagesungleichheit, Alter der ta¨glichen Ungleichheit age of ferns [informal designation] > Coal Measures age of fishes [informal designation]; Devonian ● Devon n age of fishes [informal designation]; Silurian (age) ● Silur n [Fru¨here Benennungen: Gotlandium, Ontarium, Bohemium] age of gymnosperms, age of reptiles, reptilian age [informal designations]; Secondary [obsolete]; Mesozoic era [One of the grand divisions or eras of geologic(al) time, follows the Paleozoic and succeeded by the Cenozoic era, comprising the Trias(sic), Jura(ssic) and Cretaceous periods] ● Reptil(ien)zeitalter n, Erdmittelalter, Mesozoikum n age of man [informal designation]; Quaternary [The younger of the two geologic(al) periods or systems in the Cenozoic era.

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