Gun, with Occasional Music (Harvest Book) by Jonathan Lethem

By Jonathan Lethem

Gumshoe Conrad Metcalf has problems-there's a rabbit in his ready room and a trigger-happy kangaroo on his tail. Near-future Oakland is a courageous new global the place developed animals are contributors of society, the police video display voters by means of their karma degrees, and mind-numbing medicines resembling Forgettol and Acceptol are the entire rage. Metcalf has been shadowing Celeste, the spouse of an prosperous medical professional. possibly he is falling a bit in love together with her whilst. whilst the physician turns up useless, our amiable investigator unearths himself stuck in a crossfire among the lads from the Inquisitor's workplace and gangsters who function out of the again room of a bar known as the Fickle Muse. blending components of sci-fi, noir, and secret, this smart first novel from the writer of Motherless Brooklyn is a wry, humorous, and satiric examine all that the long run could carry.

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I’m not known for my subtlety or tact. I paused to let the doorman give me the once-over. He was an elderly black human, one of the last you could see in a menial service job. Evolved animals filled pretty much any position they were capable of filling these days, but the Vistamont prided itself on stubborn traditions, and this was one of them. He gave me a nice smile and held open the door and I tipped my hat to him. The bar was a dark, sunken affair, with detached tables floating in the murk.

Go ahead,” I said. ” “I was in it from before it was a case,” I said. ” “I’d like to be. ” “Bullshit,” said Morgenlander. “He sent you to the doctor. ” I was going to be dizzy when the merry-go-round let off. ” I hoped the question would slip by in the excitement. “Don’t play dim, dickface. ” I decided to play along. “He didn’t mention any specifics. I was just feeling Dr. ” There was a knock on the door. ” An evolved Irish setter from the deli downstairs came into the room carrying a white paper bag with a grease stain at the bottom.

I sat there and tried to puzzle out what I would ask Mrs. Stanhunt, and what I would do with what I learned, if I learned something. I was playing this case existential, maybe a bit too existential. I needed a lead. I needed a client. Hell, I even needed a sandwich. There was probably little chance of Celeste Stanhunt coming downstairs and offering me a sandwich. I didn’t hear the pitter-patter of little cat feet coming up behind me, but all of a sudden the kitten was there at my side, in a red-and-white dress, carrying an armload of notebooks like a schoolgirl.

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