Handbook of Molecular Force Spectroscopy by Aleksandr Noy

By Aleksandr Noy

Researchers in academia and who're attracted to strategies for measuring intermolecular forces will locate this an important textual content. It offers a assessment of contemporary strength spectroscopy, together with basics of intermolecular forces, technical points of the strength measurements, and sensible purposes. The guide starts with a evaluate of the basic physics of loading unmarried and a number of chemical bonds at the nanometer scale. It includes a dialogue of thermodynamic and kinetic types of binding forces and dissipation results in nanoscale molecular contacts, covers useful elements of recent single-molecule point thoughts, and concludes with functions of strength spectroscopy to chemical and organic methods. computing device modeling of strength spectroscopy experiments can be addressed.

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Handbook of Molecular Force Spectroscopy

Researchers in academia and who're drawn to suggestions for measuring intermolecular forces will locate this a necessary textual content. It provides a evaluation of recent strength spectroscopy, together with basics of intermolecular forces, technical features of the strength measurements, and useful purposes.

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