How to Stay Awake During: During Anybody's Second Movement by David Walden, Mike Duncan, Charlie Farquharson

By David Walden, Mike Duncan, Charlie Farquharson

The way to stay up is if you happen to have ever been to a musical live performance and feature had justified reason to suppress a snort. Walden pulls out the entire plugs and says, "laugh until until it hurts."

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Study the following illustrations: 1) A Row O' Poplars Page 4 2) A Row O' Poplars from Straight On 3) The Door in the West Wall of the Barn-Slash-Garage Now, here we are looking at a basic form that exists in nature, (row o'poplars), which is then applied to architecture, (door in west wall), and becomes a basic form of visual arts and also applies to music. Let me show you the little drawing the professor made with a nail on an old piece of slate that had fallen from the roof some decades previously.

Taking it real slow with a lot of looooooooong notes to give themselves a bit of a breather, freshen up and get ready for that last whizzer), I do feel strongly that the whole problem of sympho-sleep (or worse, sympho-snore) is based on LACK OF INFORMATION. The more clothespegs of musical knowledge you have to hang a piece on will help tremendously in your: A) UNDERSTANDING 2) APPRECIATION and III) WAKEFULNESS So, there it is. , but her sharp words did cut deep and were audible to the rafters.

I must hasten to apologize. Dear Lucetta Teagarden, my able-bodied assistant (and general tote factum, to use the Latin), is not quite up on her Greek. ") Page 12 Anyway, here is the correct quote: DIONYSUS: He was one of the Greek gods in charge of fertility and wine. [And how often, dear reader, have we known that these two certainly go together. As our aunt Wilda Wallpole use to end her Temperance Talks with "From Port to Preggers, from Daquiri to Diaper, that's what comes from the liquor viper.

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