In Praise of Love by Alain Badiou

By Alain Badiou

French thinker Alain Badiou turns his awareness to like. a brand new century, new threats to love...Love with no hazards is like battle with out deaths - yet, this day, love is threatened by means of an alliance of liberalism and hedonism. stuck among consumerism and informal sexual encounters without ardour, love - with no the main element of probability - is at risk of withering at the vine. In "In compliment of Love", Alain Badiou takes on modern 'dating agency' conceptions of affection that come whole with zero-risk assurance - like US zero-casualty bombs. He develops a brand new tackle love that sees it as an experience, and a chance for re-invention, in a relentless exploration of otherness and distinction that leads the person out of an obsession with identification and self. Liberal, libertine and libertarian savings of affection to quick excitement and non-commitment chunk the dirt as Badiou invokes a assisting solid of thinkers from Plato to Lacan through Karl Marx to shape a brand new narrative of romance, relationships and intercourse - a story that doesn't worry love.

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It isn’t at all easy to say “I love you”. That small sentence is usually thought to be completely meaningless and banal. Moreover, people sometimes prefer to use other more poetic, less commonplace words to say “I love you”. But what they are always saying is: I shall extract something else from what was mere chance. I’m going to extract something that will endure, something that will persist, a commitment, a fidelity. And here I am using the word “fidelity” within my own philosophical jargon, stripped of its usual connotations.

We shouldn’t under­ estimate the power love possesses to slice diago­ nally through the most powerful oppositions and radical separations. The encounter between two differences is an event, is contingent and discon­ certing, “love’s surprises”, theatre yet again. On the basis of this event, love can start and flourish. It is the first, absolutely essential point. This surprise unleashes a process that is basically an experience of getting to know the world. Love isn’t simply about two people meeting and their inward-looking relationship: it is a construc­ tion, a life that is being made, no longer from the perspective of One but £rom the perspective of Two.

That is, it must return to One. The at once symbolic and real figure for this One is the child. And love’s true goal remains 50 ALAI N BADIOU <5f|g/^i£> the existence of the child as the expression of the One. I have challenged his objection empirically on a number of fronts, in particular because it would require the denial of the amorous nature of sterile couples, of homosexuals, etc. Then, at a deeper level, I told him: the child is indeed part of the space marked out by love, and as such constitutes “a point” in terms of my own jargon.

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