[INCOMPLETE] Phonologies of Asia & Africa: Including the by Alan S. Kaye, Peter T. Daniels

By Alan S. Kaye, Peter T. Daniels

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The traditional view about Akkadian stress is that it falls on the first long syllable from the end of the word, except that morphemic length in final position is disregarded (as with 'panu). A possible case for an alternative theory has been made by Reiner ( 1 966: 3 8 , following a sugges­ tion of Poebel 1 9 39: 60): she thinks it probable that in Assyrian, at least, pri­ mary (non-phonemic) stress would fall on the first syllable of the word. Diakonoff ( 1 9 9 1-92: 104-15) has argued convincingly in favor of the tradi­ tional view, which is retained here.

Reiner reports as an additional exception the realization /Ss/ when the final radical s derives from PS s, as with the root q:s 'to donate'. , {iqls+si} /iqissi/ 'he donated her') are late; OB forms generally show a realization /ss/ (e g . s+sim} /liiqissim/ 'let n1e donate to her'). , kas-kass-u 'very powerful' from the root kss. 25 . See above, n. 1 2 . Note that no such environment may occur in Amorite given the lack of suffixes beginning with s. 4. Free variation Alternations which cannot be explained with any degree of plausibility are best considered simply as free variants.

32 Giorgio Buccellati Dell er, Karlheinz. 1 959. D. disserta­ tion, University of Vienna. 1962a. " Orientalia 3 1 : 1 86-96. 1962b. " Orientalia 3 1 : 7-26. De Meyer, Leon. 1962. I:Accadien des contrats de Suse (Supplements lran­ ica Antiqua 1 ) . Leiden: Brill. Diakonoff, Igor M. 1 9 8 1 . " Assyriological Miscellanies ( Copenhagen) 1 : 7-12. 1985. " Eblaitica 2 ( 1 990): 3-29. 199 1-92. ''Proto-Afrasian and Old Akkadian: A Study in Historical Phonetics," with Contributions by Olga Stolbova and Alexander Mili­ tarev.

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