Learn Ukrainian: An Elementary Practical Course In by Halina Makarova

By Halina Makarova

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9. ,Ue 30WHTH? 10. LIe nanKH? 1. e? 2. Qe siKllo? 3. ' I~ 4. lI,e wacpa? 5. Xro TYT? 6. lIe (TYJll'II ' TH? 7. lle cry,neHTKp? 8. XTO 'IIIT;it'? 9. X~ CJIyxae? 10. XTO fllhue? 55 Q. look at the pidures above and describe what you see in them. It. Read the new words from the lesson: ~TO? >KaK (jacket) AlB'IHHa (girl) CJlyxaTH (to listen) my BHKn3lI,tll (teacher) your sing m quA? MiA I 'IHli? 'IHt? O

Your) Are you 3 student? Yes, J am a student. Is this your college? Yes, it is mine. The personal pronoun mu (you) is used in addressing the 2nd person singular only In cases of familiarity between close relatives and friends. The possessive pronoun l1Ulill (your) also refers to the 2nd person singular and al.... ys takes gender and -number of the noun it modifies. • Rea d: - Ue TBOH BYJlHU,H? TaK, MO~. HHOK TaM? Hi, BiH Tp. A ue Taoe aiKHo? TaK, Moe. TaM T80~ KiMHan? TaK. : 6aTbKO? bKO. niR? Hi, aiH niJlOT.

Ue iHCTHTyr? Ue nasa? TaK. - TaK. Hi. ne 6aTbKo? eHTH? Ue crin? BiH TaM. - BOHH TyT. TaK, crin. - A 6a6a Tyr? e MaKcHM? MonoKo Tyr? - Hi, He Tyr. BiH T)'T. Hi. - ,Ue aOHa? A IoaH Tyr? ne aOHO? BOHO TaM. - BOHa TaM. Hi, ain TaM. EXERCISES A. Name these leHers: ~M&~&~~Iibfu~HH~lliQ~~~~ 8. aHOK, HiHa C. niOH, He, MicTO, CeJlO, cHiJlaHOK, aiKHo, MaTH. 2 4-1945 3J D. Give the negative answer, U shown in the example. e ? MaTH:? \c Hi, ue lie \c MaTH. I. LJ,e 63TbKO? 2. lJ,e Cllll? 3. lJ,e 6a6a? 4. ll?

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