Literary Landscapes: From Modernism to Postcolonialism by Attie De Lange, G. Fincham, J. Hawthorn, J. Lothe

By Attie De Lange, G. Fincham, J. Hawthorn, J. Lothe

This e-book explores the various ways that modernist and postcolonial techniques in fiction are inspired via crises and revolutions within the human notion and appropriation of house. 'Space' for the writers involved has its political, ancient, cultural and gender dimensions in addition to its geographical id.

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In keeping with the unstated sub-text of the novel, their regenerative power comes to be felt almost more strongly when they are absent in Europe than during their 24 The American Spaces of Henry James residence, for the staid Wentworths begin to cherish the spectral sound of remembered and expected laughter. 2 While each is eager to engage with the other, the space of the encounter becomes one of potential manipulation for Eugenia and initially cautious probing for Acton. Both participants rapidly resort to the microdialogue of the ‘double-voiced word’, a unit of utterance which is already permeated with the inflections, intentions and value judgements of a range of previous speakers (see Bakhtin, 1984, pp.

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