Magnetic circuits and transformers; a first course for power by Massachusetts Institute Of Technology, Karl T. Compton

By Massachusetts Institute Of Technology, Karl T. Compton

Ideas of electric Engineering sequence.

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In some communications equipment, a material having an extremely high permea bili ty is desirable. For such appl ica ti ons, certain nickel-iron alloys, known as P ermall oy s 1 8 , 1 9 (permeability alloy) or Hip ern i k in the United States, or a nickel-iran-copper alloy, known as l\Iumetal20 and developed in England, may be used . The use of these alloy s i n volves an increased cost per pound of material but not of cost per unit of inductance. • Representative values of core loss for symmetrical cyclic magnetization and repre­ of resistivity for average samples of various materials are tabulated in Art.

In many magnetic problems, the histo ry of the material is un k nown . Ex­ isting magnetization may then have o ccurred by an increase of the magnetizing force from a small value up to the value under consider­ ation, or by a decrease from a larger value. l\Iany magnetic calculations are therefore performed using a magnetization curve, called the normal magnetization curve, which is obtained by drawing a si n gl e- val ue d curve through the tips of a series of increasingly larger symmetrical hysteresis loops.

Although the word hysteresis implies a ti m e lag, t he hysteresis phe­ nomenon docs not depend on time bu t only on whe ther the magnetizing force is d e cre as i ng or i n c r e a s i ng . If a t any instant the m ag n e ti z i n g force is raised to a new value, and the magnetic material is n o t jarred, the flux density a p p a r en t ly n e yer i n cr e a s e s aboye o r settles be low its new initial value. The h ys t e r e s i s phenomenon resu lts in a dissipation o f energy, c a l led hys teres is loss, wi th i n t h e material when cyclic variations of magn e t i zi n g force arc considered.

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