Personal Health Choices by Sandra Fucci Smith

By Sandra Fucci Smith

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Gilda Radner Source: New England Journal of Medicine, November 1988 As was stated earlier, high-level wellness results from health in body, mind, and spirit in relation to your overall environment. Each of these aspects has particular health implications that, when considered as a whole, can lead you to holistic wellness. Wellness for the Body For many years the traditional medical model focused on the body; when physical symptoms appeared, physicians treated the affected body part. If a disease occurred in the body, they suspected infection or trauma as the cause.

334 Who Is Most at Risk for Catching AIDS? 335 How Can I Protect Myself from AIDS? 336 Which Sexual Practices Are Considered Safe, Probably Safe, and Not Safe at All? 337 What Items Do I Need for Safe Sex? 338 How Do I Choose a Condom? 339 What Makes IV Drug Use So Dangerous as Far as AIDS Is Concerned? 340 Is There a Connection Between Alcohol, Other Drugs and AIDS? 341 Can an AIDS Carrier Transmit AIDS? 342 What Will the AIDS Antibody Test Tell Me? 342 What Should I Do If I Get a Positive Antibody Test?

A holistic redefinition of health emphasizes high-level wellness, or going beyond the absence of disease toward one's maximum health potential. This chapter focuses on the mind/body/spirit/environment connection and discusses how you can use this connection to reach your possible highest level of health and wellness. Key Terms Disease Peak experience Health Psychoneuroimmunology Holism Self-actualization Holistic Shaman Holistic paradigm Spiritual values Immune system Wellness Page 2 Top Health Concerns of Americans for the 1990s 1.

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