Seeing Historic Alabama: Fifteen Guided Tours by Virginia Van Der Veer Hamilton

By Virginia Van Der Veer Hamilton

ISBN 0-8173-0000-7

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Here also was developed the Lunar Rover, a space buggy in which America's astronauts explored the moon surface. The center was also involved in developing and testing the world's first true space ship, the space shuttle, which successfully completed its maiden voyage in 1981. Visitors may view the test stand where the Huntsville team tested the Redstone rocket that carried Alan Shepard and Gus Grissom into space. Nearby is the towering stand used to test the giant Saturn V moon rocket. More recently, this stand housed the space shuttle when it was tested for its ability to function under the stressful conditions of an actual flight into space.

When the school had no funds to build a library in 1935, the mountain people built one of logs and handmade oak shingles, as their forefathers had built houses a century earlier. KDS School, which started with two teachers, four rooms, and fewer than 100 students now has 38 buildings, a 240-acre campus, and more than 1,000 students. In addition to subjects also taught at public schools, the school emphasizes home economics, business education, and industrial skills. R. operates the school in cooperation with Marshall County, which provides salaries for many of the teachers, transportation for students, and fuel.

Guntersville has comfortable motels. S. 431 north to Marshall County 63. Turn north and proceed five miles to Grant. Page 9 Grant Offering a glimpse of Alabaman's hills and coves, the picturesque drive along Marshall County 63 toward Grant leads to Kennamer's Cove, a favorite hiding place for north Alabamians who sided with the Union during the Civil War. Inhabitants of this valley below Gunter Mountain sympathized with these so-called mossbacks and did not betray their hiding place. Many hill people, descendants of soldiers who had fought in the American Revolution, were firm believers in the Union and fought for its survival.

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