Seeking Meaning for Goethe's Faust by J. M. van der Laan

By J. M. van der Laan

Faust tales are discovered around the a long time and the humanities. From its earliest to newest expressions, the Faust determine maintains to catch our mind's eye, facing difficulties and subject matters which are nonetheless correct for a twenty-first century viewers. Of the various adaptations at the Faust-myth, Goethe's is still specially provocative and weighted down with that means and is the paintings so much chargeable for making a choice on the following personality of the Faust archetype. His Faust displays someone who asserts, but wrestles unrelentingly with the futility of religion, the financial disaster of information, and the lack of that means. one of many maximum texts of either German and global literature, Faust, elements I and II, confronts us with urgent questions about uprising and discomfort, religion and its loss, fact and simulation, order and chaos, weak spot and tool, know-how and human development. This monograph bargains a brand new interpretation of Goethe's well-known play, emphasising its carrying on with value this present day.

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They mirror his impatience, striving, and ambition to attain a higher form of being. The restless Homunculus, for example, is avoll Ungeduld" ("full of impatience" 7832) and wishes to overcome his test-tube limitations and come fully into being ("mochte gern im besten Sinn entstehn" 7831). The philosopher Thales sees in Homunculus as well "die Symptome des herrischen Sehnens" ("the symptoms of imperious yearning" 8470), the very characteristics which so define Faust. Like Homunculus and his father Faust, Euphorion knows neither restraint nor moderation.

Von Sturz zu Sturzen walzt er jetzt in tausend, Dann abertausend Stromen sich ergieSend. (Hie waterfall, roaring through the cliff, I look at it with growing enchantment. From plunge to plunge it twists and turns now into a thousand, Then into a thousand more streams pouring out. 4716—9) The scene concludes with a relation of the waterfall and the rainbow it produces to the human condition (4725—7). In the military assistance Faust and Mephistopheles offer the Emperor in Part II, cascading waters play a decisive role once more.

Lastly, both Parts I and II end with a variation on the theme of salvation or redemption. In Part I, Gretchen is judged by Mephistopheles ("gerichtet"), but saved ("gerettet") as declared by a voice from above (4611). In Part II, Faust in turn is judged and blinded by Care, but also saved ("gerettet") and redeemed ("erlost") thanks to a love from on high (11934-9). All the plays Faust Recycled 29 reiterated variations do more than serve simply as foreshadowing or the glue that holds it all (albeit loosely) together.

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