Selected Works, Vol. II by Lu Xun

By Lu Xun

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Franklin Crawford was indeed a big man and as much a physical sissy as six-two ever made, and if he had a fierce mind for numbers he might waste it on gin but never rummy, nor would he hanker after nephew’s teen girlfriends for he always brought along something better in tow, and as for being loud, that was true, he did bray when he spoke but, well, he suffered a stutter as fierce as his intellect, and he knew that as runt in a ten-pup litter he must howl through his crippling affliction to get it out and get it heard and get what he wanted.

Too late, at least, to befriend and explain and understand the country woman called Lula, as by then her hollering and hooting, though little different from her previous attempts at chat and chatter, were those of madness. She was the only one of the Dollé bunch to go insane, I think, while in the Arkansas gang all but Trish and Netta Nell died mad or close enough. Town, an excitement, an adventure, an odyssey for an early country rememberer. A house. Brick, more exotica and more still, a drive that wound to the rear of the house where the roof stretched out to shade and cover from rain the visiting automobile.

Mister smiled and said, Mister Richardson, I want you to meet Mr. Richardson, and Mr. Richardson, said our Mister smiling, I would like to introduce you to your new neighbor—he will be, when his young land agent finds him the land—Mister Richardson. And that’s how our Mister said it, laughing kind as we had said our to-dos and goodbyes and rode on. Now there you go,Tom. A 23 MAX CRAWFORD couple of boys there for your girls, they get a little older, and they won’t even have to change their name.

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