Shards (Book Four) by Peter Prellwitz

By Peter Prellwitz

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His units had been caught off guard, first by the order to seize Deiley, then by the attack from the Resistance. No doubt it was the combination of the two, coupled with Deiley’s silence on the net, that gave us the time to talk. While we watched, a pair of hov headlights separated itself from the general melee and began moving toward us. It was a single vehicle, which made it likely that they were dogs, coming to pick me up. The sight of watching them approach brought back another time, and I laughed.

Things were clearly not going as she expected. She seemed scared. “I don’t know. ” “Perhaps these machines are not meant to be joined to you,” I offered. ” I nodded slowly. “You may be right. But I was positive that I needed to do this in order, and I needed to integrate all the personas. “ Miss DeChant took a breath, closed her eyes and held out her arms. I felt slightly uncomfortable with hugging a naked woman, but shrugged it off. I had been her after all, so all I was doing was hugging myself.

Here goes,” I said and pressed down. The scanner activated and a red light passed underneath my palm. There was a hum as it analyzed my imprint and selected the correct user ID. According to Doctor Barrett, since I had at one time actually been this machine, access was certain. Five minutes later, I’d decided that access was considerably less than certain. Everything worked, but nothing worked. It ran the scan, identified me, then went back into a wait state. The display showed nothing but idle, self-diagnostic readouts.

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