South Africa: the Solution by Leon Louw

By Leon Louw

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The Volksraad was not allowed to pass any laws which interfered with the rights of the inhabitants to peaceful assembly. Private property rights and press freedom were guaranteed. Citizens had the right to petition the government to introduce, revise or revoke a law. Essentially there was only one statute, the Wetboek, which could be amended. Like the Transvaal, the Free State did not grant citizenship to white uitlanders (foreigners) or to people of colour. Justice was administered according to the liberal principles of Roman-Dutch Common Law.

This or that, ... to refrain from following their own bent, and from bartering all sorts of things from the natives ... to sell ... '2 These men who were demanding freedom were the forebears of the Afrikaner. They were mainly Dutch and Low German, in a ratio of about 2 to I, with a sprinkling of Scandinavians and Frenchmen. C. by vague promises of eventual riches. Many had been displaced by wars in Europe and had experienced a long history of repression. After 1688 they were joined by about 200 Huguenot refugees who came to the Cape assisted by the Company.

In the name of the 'public interest', established members of an occupation or profession ask the government to empower them to stipulate minimum entry qualifications, to introduce regulations and to rule that only they may provide certain services for a fee. These measures enable them to set artificially high fees for their services with no fear of competition. B. They are protected by a 'grandfather clause' ensuring that those already in the profession do not need the qualifications they prescribe for their competitors.

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